The « Pierre » Range
First it pays tribute to Pierre Romaire, the founder of Romaire SAS.
With this collection, we wanted to highlight our innovative, creative and pioneering spirit.
It is also an homage to the work of Pierre Soulages. The painter is internationally known for his monochrome painting in which surfaces and textures alone create light and colour. He plays with contrasting rhythms and textures on a same plane. Never one for gratuitous ornamentation, he expresses true sensibility. This collection seeks to reveal different aspects of metal playing with textures and light, expressing a variety of perceptions and sensations through monochrome.
Indoor and outdoor, the Pierre range includes every metal item you need for your home: dining table, chair, coffee table, console table, desk, side table, shelf and more.

Designer: Sylvain Vialade
The colour palette explores France’s natural mineral heritage. Seven colours and two finishes – matt and fine textured – are available for each item.

Light and textures work together to subtly enhance the appearance of the model and colour of each item of furniture.