Founded in 2017, the Reica brand was inspired by a desire to show an alternative side to metal. Furniture manufactured by Romaire SAS, the French family-run business that established the brand, set out new intentions in working with steel and aluminium. Innovative processes for heating metal have set the brand apart from its competition. With full control of its production chain, it promises uncompromising quality and design.
REICA is driven by a desire to reveal the warmer side of metal furniture. Safeguarding the innovative spirit of the founder, Gilles Romaire holds the values of integrity, humanism and quality in high esteem.
Gilles Romaire, Managing Director of Romaire Group, took over from his father, Pierre Romaire, the founder of Romaire S.A. an industrial sheet metal company with customers across Europe. The group is ISO 9001 certified and caters to a wide range of sectors such as vehicles (trucks, buses, fire engines, etc.), electronic payment devices, and installations for the chemical, oil and food industries. Romaire SAS employs 90 people, has a workshop covering 8,500 square meters and processes on average 150 tons of materials every month.

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